A Partner of the Firm, Jim holds a B.Sc. majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry and a B.Sc.(Hons) in Chemistry. The aim of his undergraduate Research Thesis was directed towards the design and synthesis of a new class of anti-malarial compounds. He also studied Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacology in his undergraduate degree. Jim then obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry working on biosensors. This work involved the synthesis and binding studies of photomodulated ligands to protein molecules, a component for the Ion Channel Switch biosensor, which act as a light-activated “switch” that can transmit electronic signals when assembled as SAMs onto gold electrode surfaces. Outside of his Ph.D. research, Jim was involved in the design and synthesis of inks and materials for the printing industry.

Jim’s research towards his Ph.D. was conducted at the University of Sydney in conjunction with the Australian Molecular Biotechnology Research Institute/Co-operative Research Centre for Molecular Engineering and Technology. He was then awarded a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship by the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Japan to conduct research at the Kitasato Research Institute in Tokyo, Japan. This work included researching new synthetic reaction methodologies involving the use of phosphorus, sulfur and transition metals. Jim is a named author on six articles published in refereed Journals and also lectured to undergraduate students in Chemistry.

Jim also has experience in technology areas including packaging materials, coatings, mining processes, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food processing technologies. Jim is a Registered Australian and New Zealand Patent & Trade Mark Attorney and has a Masters in Intellectual Property Law.

Jim’s professional practice includes drafting, prosecution and litigation of mainly Chemical, Biochemical and Pharmaceutical matters before the Australian and New Zealand Patent Offices. He specialises in the polymers and macromolecular chemistry. Jim also practises in the field of Trade Marks before both the Australian and New Zealand Trade Marks Offices and in the field of Designs before the Australian and New Zealand Designs Office.

Jim is a member of The Asian Patent Attorney Association, The Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand and is a Fellow of The Institute of Patent and Trade MarkAttorneys of Australia. Having been born in Japan, Jim is fluent in Japanese and in English.