About Us

Providing IP solutions outside the square®

Our Philosophy

At Houlihan², our role is to advise you on how to best and most appropriately protect your creativity and to turn your Intellectual Property into a valuable asset. We are here to assist in the securing and maintenance of your Intellectual Property Rights and also to integrate these with your business goals. As part of your Team, our Patent Attorneys and Trade Mark Attorneys will work closely with you to tailor your requirements to fit your individual business needs. This is all done behind a backdrop of our philosophy to value2 your asset in the most cost-effective way.

Our Patent Attorneys and Trade Mark Attorneys are creative thinkers and are able to provide solutions outside the square to any problem. We complement your Team by bringing our wealth of experience in Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and other forms of Intellectual Property with a fresh and enthusiastic approach.

Our Expertise

Our Patent Attorneys can assist you in protecting your inventions in all areas of Chemistry, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and ITC. Our Patent Attorneys have substantial experience in adversarial actions, including oppositions, re-examinations and litigation.

Our Patent Attorneys can also assist you in protecting the new designs applied to your products.

Our Trade Mark Attorneys can assist you to protect your brand and your reputation through strategic Trade Mark protection, from filing through to negotiation and litigation.

We serve a broad client base including:

  • Sole inventors;
  • Universities/Research Institutes;
  • Small, medium and large businesses;
  • Government authorities/instrumentalities; and
  • International corporations.

Providing IP solutions outside the square®

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