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Protecting Confidential Information and Trade Secrets in Australia

Dr. Victoria Longshaw, Dr. Jim Onishi and Dr. Elizabeth Houlihan
9 August 2021/by f1itadmin

Strategies to keep in mind as the death knell sounds for Australia’s second-tier Patent system

Dr Jim Onishi MRACI
Key Points:
1) Australia is abolishing its…
20 April 2021/by f1itadmin

The Multifaceted Question of the Patentability of Polymorphs

Dr Carolyn Rolls MRACI and Dr Jim Onishi MRACI
In the high stakes…
23 February 2021/by f1itadmin

Patenting Opportunities in the Fragrance Industry

Dr Jim Onishi and Dr Elizabeth Houlihan
This article first appeared…
6 May 2020/by f1itadmin

Update on Requesting an Extension of Term of an Australian Patents

Dr Jim Onishi and Michael Houlihan
The normal twenty (20) year…
5 May 2020/by f1itadmin

Extending the Term of an Australian Patent: Product-by-Process Claims versus Swiss-Style Claims

Dr Jim Onishi and Dr Paul Warden-Hutton
In recent years, the…
17 February 2020/by f1itadmin

Method and Swiss-type Claims in Australia – A Patent Protection Strategy for Pharmaceutical Companies

Dr Jim Y Onishi
Novel compounds and any relevant medical uses…
8 October 2019/by f1itadmin

Patent Office Confirms Stricter Specification Requirements Under Australia’s “Raising the Bar” Patents Act

Dr Jim Y Onishi
“Greed is Good” is a famous quote made by…
5 June 2019/by f1itadmin

The Era of Relying on Trade Secrets to Protect Confidential Information has Passed

Dr. Victoria Longshaw
Businesses need to protect their Intellectual…
30 January 2019/by f1itadmin

The Lost Art of Patent Claim Drafting – Why Good Claim Drafting is Essential Under Australia’s Revised Patents Act

Dr. Jim Y. Onishi and Dr. Elizabeth E. Houlihan
We report the…
26 March 2018/by f1itadmin

The Doom and Gloom lifts: patentability of Gene Marker-Trait Correlation Methods in Australia

Dr. Victoria Longshaw, Dr. Nigel Parker and Dr. Elizabeth Houlihan
23 March 2018/by f1itadmin

Indirect Infringement: Australian and U.S. approaches compared

Dr. Victoria Longshaw and Dr. Elizabeth Houlihan
A recent decision…
15 January 2015/by f1itadmin

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