Hong Guan is a Manager of both Patents and Trade Marks in Malaysia and Singapore, and has many years of experience in handling Patent and Trade Mark agency work.

Hong Guan holds a B.Biotech.(Honours) degree from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia; and Master of Science in IP Management and a Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law both from the National University of Singapore.

On the Patents front, Hong’s professional practice has specialised in conducting prior art Patent searches, as well as drafting, filing and prosecution work in both Malaysia and Singapore and various other jurisdictions throughout the Asia-Pacific Region. He is responsible for managing and maintaining Patent portfolios for a wide range of Clients, including large foreign Corporations, start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises.

Prior to entering the IP profession, Hong worked at the Bioprocessing Technology Institute, A*STAR, a leading National Research Institute in Singapore. Hong’s specialist areas of expertise include human and mouse stem cell research, mammalian and bacterial cell cultures, gene transfection and transformation, immunohistochemistry, fluorescence microscopy, cellular and molecular biology assays, protein expression and purification, and bioinformatics.

Trade Mark and Design matters in Malaysia and Singapore are also of great interest to Hong, where he is able to exercise his creativity in arguing and presenting submissions in support of the registrability of Trade Marks and Designs.

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